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Documents and Forms


Quia Instructions

Ref tools

(Coaches can use them too)

Printing note: If you wish to only print a particular page go to print and go to the left side and you will see a section that says pages on the left, you can choose to print all pages or a specific set of pages (ie print 1-3 or print page 5). Type the page number(s) and pick print. On the left side you can choose how many copies of the page you want to make. 

Concussion Sheet

Code of Ethics for SCAF Swimming officials Graphical Chart by Janet Knoeppel

Relay Sheets

Pick Sheets

Officials' Duties

Coaches' Meeting and Fees (Please refer to for updated fees)

Diving Tables

Diving Rules

500 Counting Sheet

USA DQ Codes 2018

SCAF Training Material

2020 Scoresheet handout

Clinic General information

March 10th 2019 SCAF Minutes

League Championship Guidelines

League Championship Guidelines

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