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Incident Reports

You must file incident reports within 24 hours! The sooner the better!!!

Note: If you are in a middle of a meet and are on this page skip to step 4.

1. Go to or if the school is an LA city school

2. Select Swimming and Diving the password is 123

3. Select either ejection misconduct or incident

***see note below

4. Make sure to fill out report thoroughly as possible

Is it an Incident or an Ejection Misconduct? See below for more details!

If it is an incident

Collect names of

- Witnesses (use athletic director, coach, parent of child etc)

- The level (V, JV, F/S) and Gender that the incident pertains to

- Description of what happened and what was done

If it is ejection misconduct

- Make sure to get the offender's name

- The score of both teams (select the level it pertains with FS, JV, or V) at the time of the act of unsportsmanlike conduct and the score at the end of the meet

- At what point in the meet did it occur (eg JV boys freestyle)

5. Please click this link to view Liaisons when filling out ejection misconduct report:

6. When completed, click save the PDF file

7. E-mail PDF file to your area president and

***Differences between Incident and ejection Misconduct***

Remember too much information is ALWAYS better than too little or nothing at all!

Facility Compliance issues including but are not limited to:

- Unsafe blocks

- Water conditions

- Backstroke flags (not set in the right spot or not available)

- Missing lap counters (not provided by the home team)

- Lane line issues

- Pool dimension issues

***Please note even if the pool is waived prior to mutual consent and the meet proceeds, non-conforming standards must be reported to CIF***


- Suspected injuries or injuries that occurred ESPECIALLY those that require medical attention from healthcare professionals (ie concussions)

- Spectator incidents that required action (removal of spectator or injured spectators) 

- Dangerous warm-ups, especially if it requires action such addressing swimmers/coaches

Any team personnel  (Team personnel includes all coaches, managers, lap counters and participating or nonparticipating contestants) that is/are disqualified from further participation in the meet due to unsporting/unsportsmanlike conduct. Please do not confuse this with unacceptable conduct which is just disqualification from a particular event (Unacceptable conduct DQs do not count as Ejection misconducts).

Note: Any unsporting conduct disqualification is an ejection from the meet. For athletes that are disqualified from the remainder of the meet, must leave the competition area. Athletes can be restricted to their athlete area in the area that is other than the competition area (such as the bleachers or team tent). For coaches and other adults that are a part of team personnel may be asked to leave the facility. 

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