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Clinic Schedule

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Click the PDF file for date and time information.

Materials will be will be updated  as more information is made available

Web Master 12/14/2022


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HS Swim

Score Sheet







CIF Blue Book

Here are the links for more information   

•The revised manuals are available August 1 on the following website locations: 

Homework to be completed by Feb 15

1.Watch USA-S stroke and turn Videos

 Have sheet “Differences between NFHS v. USA-S” when watching

•USA-S website & videos

2.  NFHSlearn – concussion course

Take the course and bring the certificate to the next Meeting. Must be Dated since September 1, 2018

3.Take the rules test – Quia – February 2-14

4.Complete the Practice Score Sheet that was attached to Linda's email

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