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Wanna Ref?

Are you a college student looking for some kind of work?
Are you an off season coach or are you a coach looking to see the other side as an official?
Do you want to give back to the sport of swimming?
Tired of working at the snack bar or cleaning the bathrooms?
Look no further, becoming an official may be right for you!
SCAF offers interested individuals on deck and in classroom training to those people who want to become a certified official.
We are the training body that serves high schools in the Southern California area (excluding San Diego). Check out SCAF Areas in the menu bar. No prior experience is needed and only require dedication, hard work, and an open mind.  
What Equipment will I need?
- A whistle (preferably one with a pea in it)
- A green pen
- A black pen
- Starting Device (Optional, as most high schools, jr. colleges, and universities provide one.
                              Unless you know the school, it would be best to check with them.)
- Clipboard
- Attire
     White Polo Shirt
     White Pants, Shorts, or Skort 
     Sunglasses (Polarized helps when looking at the water)
- Watch to keep track of time (wristwatch or pocket watch)
- 2 way Radio (used with league prelims/finals, CIF prelims/Finals, useful for any meet where there's more than 1 official, and odd deck configurations)
Come on now, what are you waiting for?
Fill out the "Contact SCAF form below!
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