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Internal Evaluation Form

Please follow the instructions below before proceeding


1. Please select the area you are filling an evaluation for.

2. When filling out the evaluation form make sure you put down the E-mail you wish to have the evaluation sent to (this will be your E-mail address not the person you are evaluating).

3. Once you are completed with the evaluation forward the E-mail to the person you evaluated so the will be able to view their results and make improvements where necessary

4. Once the Evaluation is complete, the evaluation will come up on on a Google Doc form which will also show evaluations made by other evaluators made from your area


- All evaluations made are sent and stored at, the google docs form that you are viewing your evaluation on is a live document. Once an eval is complete it will show up on the Excel spreadsheet file. 

- Results can only be viewed but not cleared, in order for results to be cleared you need to contact Paul Szuszkiewicz to have this done

- Evaluations can be viewed by the instructional chairs and designees

- Evaluations can be done through mobile devices or computers

- A document version of the evaluation form can be printed and found on this page (under construction)

- The two evaluation forms are posted for your convenience if you wish to write an evaluation during the meet

Evaluation Forms

Evaluation Form Long Version

Evaluation Form Short version

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